I love telling stories. For 15 years I told stories on stage as a stand-up comedian. Unfortunately I am not funny anymore and so I now tell stories through photography and video.

I believe every single person on the planet is a storyteller. We all tell stories in our own ways. Even my stepfather, the accountant, tells stories. He may use Excel and pie charts to tell his stories but he is just as passionate about them as I am about my videos and photos.

The purpose of this site is to share my stories and, hopefully, to help anyone else who wants guidance or inspiration in sharing their stories too.

I am also a bit of a gearhead, so there will most likely also be a fair bit of discussion about what type of kit people think is best for various tasks and how to use them.

I am a Certified Final Cut Pro Master Trainer, Certified Motion 5 Trainer, Certified Compressor Trainer and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. It’s safe to say I am certifiable.

So why not join me on this journey of discovery that will never end? Because, really, none of us ever stops learning.