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We offer an extensive range of training packages through MakUpYourMind, from basic Mac and iPhone/iPad set-ups to more complex team and company-wide training programs. For the visual folks, we can create individual or group training on photography and cinematography, covering everything from camera set-up and use, lighting and audio, through to the edit using Final Cut Pro. Contact us at MakUpYourMind to customise a training package for you or your team.

Videography and filmmaking training to unlock the power of storytelling

Every individual, group, school and business has a story to tell. are  experienced filmmakers, Certified Final Cut Pro Master Trainers and passionate storytellers who will help you learn the technical and artistic process for sharing your stories through videos.


Video + Filmmaking Training for Photographers

Learn film shooting and editing techniques to explore and discover new ways to share your art, vision and storytelling.

Video + Filmmaking Training for Businesses

From staff training & induction to customer testimonials & marketing, learn how to plan, shoot and edit videos that will benefit your business or get the most out of your students.

Mac & iOS Training

Get the most value from your Mac and iOS devices by learning how to use them to their full potential.