Please note, there are two separate 2 days workshops. One on the week days and one on the weekend.

From Stills to Movies – a practical video-editing workshop led by Videographer • Final Cut Pro master trainer Lee Herbet and Photographer • Cinematographer Cedric Robertson

This newly designed workshop is ideal for anyone who is moving into the world of shooting and editing video footage using their own DSLRs.

Attendees will be taught the basic skills of how to shoot for editing to ensure that they capture the shots needed to tell a compelling story.

Spanning two days, the intensive workshop will commence on Day 1 reviewing key gear and tips on DSLR settings and specs for the shoot.
From here, attendees will be taken through lighting set up, ideal microphone and recorder use and, importantly, storyboarding and planning before conducting a live shoot.

Day two will see attendees take their footage shot on Day 1 and focus on developing a rough cut, touching on audio fixes and colour grading along the way.

The final product at the end of the two days will be an edited piece of footage exported for use.

This workshop focuses on a cross-platform approach to video editing but attendees will edit their own projects on a supplied 27” iMac loaded with Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro

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Workshop Overview

Hands-on workshop for learning how to shoot and edit video – adding new dimensions to your storytelling.

Day One – Morning
• Learning what is important for the edit – attendees will be taken through a very basic edit and be shown what shots are important to get and why
• All about the gear – going over what specs people should look for in a camera for video. What gear would you still need?
• Settings – what to use when shooting video on a “stills camera”
• Aspect ratio and shooting for 16:9
• Rigs and stabilisers – how they work
• Lighting for indoor interview and outdoor
• Audio
Using a lavalier mic – wired and wireless
Using a shotgun mic
Using microphones with external recorders
• Five C’s of Cinematography – when to move the camera and when to keep it still
• Storyboarding and location scouting (your life will be easier if you don’t just show up and shoot!)
• Filming interviews
• Shooting B-roll

Day One – Afternoon
• Shooting Interviews
• Shooting B-Roll and cut-aways

Day Two – Full day editing your project
• Ingesting – importing your footage
• Software layout, importing and key wording
• Creating a rough cut
• Refining the rough cut
• Titles
• Colour grading and audio fixes
• Finalising and export
• Review of final projects and Q&A

All included in the cost of the workshop is coffee, tea, filtered water and great biscuits throughout the day and lunch at one of our favourite places around Como Centre

BYO DSLR, charger and cables
Basic knowledge of camera techniques.
If you don’t know how to use a Mac we will quickly get you up and running on one.