I had some serious boy fun yesterday. I went to the Australian International Air Show yesterday with a couple of mates of mine and thought it would a great opportunity to take along my new Nebula4000 and have a play with it.

One of the big birds that we really wanted to see at the show was the USAF B-52 bomber. We could walk right up to it and even walk into the bomb bay which was the only part open to the public.

While getting some shots around the plane, two WW2-looking jeeps pulled up with people in period costume. Next thing you know, one of the women walks up to us and says “We are the Pacific Belles and our photographer hasn't shown up, could we get you to take some pictures and email them to us?”

So we follow them up into the big bird and next thing, I’m shooting an impromptu music video in the cockpit of an active service B-52 bomber. I do love when life gives you these random little treats!

Please bear in mind that I’m still getting to grips with the Nebula and realise now that I was moving it way too much and too fast. Still pretty happy with the results.

A big thank you to the Pacific Belles, for grabbing some random guys to capture their passion :)

It was also my first chance to use Denver Riddle’s new colour correction plugin Color Finale to create the vintage look. I am very happy with the results and can most certainly see myself using this plug A LOT!

All shot in 4K on the GH4, on the Nebula4000 Lite.